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Commodity card

Of pleer-dvd avd-f77 c
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In player avd the system processor-decoder of company sanyo, drive dvd-rom with company mtk system dual laser that allows to realise completely all functions of disks dvd of a format are used.
The player provides reproduction of optical disks of following formats: dvd/svcd/cd/vcd/dvcd/mp3/jpeg/picture-cd/cd-r/cd-rw/dvd+rw/dvd+r/ cd-karaoke.

Universality of connection to the television equipment, provided with four kinds of exits
Componental y, pb/cb, pr/cr
Componental s-video
Composit video
Interface vga

Installation possibility on a video output of a format of the image 4:3 or 16:9

Full realisation of functions of disks dvd-video:
Interactivity (to 4 points of view)
Mnogojazychnost (to 8 languages of a soundtrack)
Subtitles (to 32 languages of subtitles)
Possibility of realisation of the real sound sensations, provided with the built in decoder of a multichannel sound of standards dts and dolby digital (-3) with a linear exit on five basic channels and on the channel of superlow-frequency sound effects (two 5.1 channel audio of an exit).
Поведение таксы после обеденной трапезы
Presence digital coaxial and optical audio of exits.
Possibility of transformation 5.1 channel sounds (dolby digital, dts) in 2 channel stereos and dolby pro logic (2 channel audio an exit).
The mode of a karaoke with use of two microphones and "echo" - effect.
Possibility of scaling of the image.
Two years of guarantee

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